It may still feel like summer outside, but the back-to-school sales are coming. First up are the tax-free week and weekend events. Many states suspend or decrease sales tax on certain products so families can stock up for school without breaking the bank. As the New Mexico department of taxation and revenue writes on its website, "it's nothing short of a bonanza."

Tax-exempt items vary by location and sometimes have price caps. But Laura Singeltary, a coupon expert in Georgia, told WALB all customers should try to take advantage of the tax break. "Basically the next two days, I would try to be out there like it's Christmas time," she said. representative Anna Christakos told Forbes in 2014 that shoppers should be careful and look to see if there are exclusions on certain products they want. Christakos said people shouldn't "go crazy and go on a shopping spree" but make smart purchases.

Check out which states are holding tax-free promotions below, according to a list compiled by DealNews, and then click the state name for details from the government. Happy shopping.

Alabama — Aug. 5-7 — clothing, computers, school supplies and books

Arkansas — Aug. 6-7 — clothing, accessories, art supplies and school supplies

Connecticut — Aug. 21-27 — clothing and shoes

Florida — Aug. 5-7 — clothing, accessories and school supplies

Georgia — Saturday through Sunday — clothing, computers and school supplies

Iowa — Aug. 5-6 — clothing and shoes

Maryland — Aug. 14-20 — clothing and shoes

Mississippi — Friday through Saturday — clothing and shoes

Missouri — Aug. 5-7 — clothing, computers, software, graphic calculators and school supplies

New Mexico — Aug. 5-7 — clothing, shoes, computers and school supplies

Ohio — Aug. 5-7 — clothing and school supplies

Oklahoma — Aug. 5-7 — clothing and shoes

South Carolina — Aug. 5-7 — clothing, shoes, computers, bed linens and school supplies

Tennessee — Friday through Sunday — clothing, computers and school supplies

Texas — Aug. 5-7 — clothing, shoes, backpacks and school supplies

Virginia — Aug. 5-7 — clothing, shoes, school supplies and emergency preparedness items