Teen Wolf season 3 midseason finale
Will Stiles be killed in the midseason finale of "Teen Wolf"? Teen Wolf

“Teen Wolf” will make you howl in fear after you watch the promo for the MTV series’ midseason finale. And that’s saying a lot considering the supernatural drama, created by Jeff Davis, has been forcing us to bite our nail beds since 2011. You owe us a manicure, Jeff! And we’re not joking—fans of the teen series will definitely need to get their chewed down nails pampered after they see the leaked trailer for the remaining episodes of season 3. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

According to the terrifying minute-long midseason finale promo,things are getting more dramatic than ever as the nogitsune crawls even further under Stiles’ skin, forcing him to act out of character. “This isn’t you, Stiles,” a voice of reason says. “It is now,” the possessed “Teen Wolf” hottie answers.

Stiles used to be the sweet and sassy best friend of Scott, but now Dylan O’Brien’s character has turned into one of the worst enemies “Teen Wolf” has seen—you know, besides the masked demons lurking around. And the beginning of the “Teen Wolf” promo proves it as Stiles terrorizes Lydia (Holland Roden) down a dark and creepy hallway.

“What are the voices telling you?” Stiles calls out to Lydia who is trying to feel her way down the spookiest path we’ve ever seen. “Louder than usual, isn’t it? That’s because a lot of bad things happened down here.”

What are the bad things Stiles’ is referring to? Well, the upcoming episodes of “Teen Wolf” will heavily feature flashbacks to the period of World War II. Black and white images show stomach-turning stills from the mid 1900’s of angry crowds and dead bodies covering the streets. A bloody faced person even pops up on the screen for a second screaming in pain.

But nothing is more painful than hearing the nogitsune tell Lydia that Stiles is dying inside of his very own body.

“There’s a way to save him,” Scott insisted in the promo. “There has to be.” But others aren’t as confident as the “Teen Wolf” protagonist.

“This isn’t even a person. It’s a spirit that’s taken the shape of a human,” Scott is told. And we have to admit, whatever spirit is inside Stiles is very, very angry. “Chaos does come again,” the nogitsune says. Could the spirit be someone killed in the past who is looking for vengeance? And if so, who is the nogitsune after?

Well, we do know one thing for sure—“Teen Wolf” promises fans that “one hero will fall” before the midseason finale finishes. In the promo we see two characters that could be killed—and we have to say, we don’t think fans are going to be very happy about this one.

Argent threatens to shoot Stiles, who is egging him on to do so, while Sheriff Stilinski persuades him to put down the gun. But it’s Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) who we actually see sporting wounds in the midseason finale promo. Prior to getting shot, a scene revealed Derek dousing Argent in gasoline and threatening to burn him. But will the buff wolf be the one to end up burned in the end?

Which “hero” do you think will be meeting their demise before "Teen Wolf" airs its midseason final, "The Divine Move," on March 24? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Teen Wolf” when the MTV series airs episode 21, “The Fox and the Wolf” on March 3. The teen drama is inching towards its midseason finale, and these final four episodes are ones you do not want to miss!