Activities, Interests, and Opinions (AIO) Details

Activities, Interests, and Opinions (AIO) has three different segments: activities, interests, and opinions. Activities refer to a person's daily routine, both while in work and play mode. For example, someone who mostly drives a car to move around will most likely have different shopping preferences than those who choose more eco-friendly transportation methods, such as a bicycle. Investigating one's activities may also give researchers a glimpse of what kind of movies they want to watch, games they want to play, or which type of entertainment establishments they want to go to on the weekends.

Interests refer to things that can spark an individual's passions. A young man may list cars, cameras, or computer hardware as interests, which can relate to his hobbies and connections. For instance, someone who picks cameras as interest will most likely be taking photos in their pastimes, or car savvies may look for tools useful in improving their car's performance.

Last but not least, opinions denote one's opinions on certain topics. This can include seemingly trivial matters like music, celebrities, and famous entrepreneurs to more direct questions, including what type of shopping app they use or which brand of milk they purchase regularly. All of the AIO segments help corporations advertise products or services to the correct audience. Furthermore, companies can also use people's opinions on improving the quality of services or items they advertise.

Example of Activities, Interests, and Opinions (AIO)

Companies use various approaches to gather data for AIO. One such method is through a survey containing questions and/or statements answered by a certain amount of samples of the whole population. Surveys usually ask for affirmation or refutation to the questions and statements relating to personality, lifestyle, and hobbies, among others. Once a company has a defining AIO for its market audience, it can tailor its marketing strategies to fit its target customers and gain their attention.

Nowadays, online surveys are the most popular method of gathering AIO information about the populace. The survey's sample size largely affects accuracy -- wider reach grants more solid data.

Another method to build up AIO information is through web analytics, giving information on what types of websites an individual frequently browse. For example, someone who repeatedly visits blogs about technology is more likely interested in smartphones, personal computers, and the likes.

Significance of Activities, Interests, and Opinions (AIO)

Market researchers use AIO to understand a company's target audience better. With AIO, they can understand what type of person the audience member is and what types of products they will likely purchase. That said, AIO is hardly the only tool in the shed for companies looking to reach the right audience.

Before researchers ask AIO-related questions, first, they will try to identify the person's demographic. This includes their country or state, age, income level, and/or other characteristics. Demographics play a major role in determining an individual's possibility to buy a certain product. For instance, married women with kids have a much higher probability of buying toys than those without kids. While wealthier people are more likely to splurge on high-quality products.