How Affix Works

Affix is the permanent addition to a piece of real estate that would damage the property if removed. These additions are typically done to improve the overall value or appeal of the property. Most of the time, homeowners will choose to affix a structure before trying to sell the land. Additions typically seen affixed can include landscaping, additional structures, or improvements on existing structures. These are a few samples of what you might affix to a piece of property:

  • Shed
  • Fountain
  • Pergola
  • Deck

Even something as simple as a door could be considered affixed to the property, especially if it affects the structure of the home.

Example of Affix

As an example of affix, let's say that Jane decided she wanted to sell her property. She invited her real estate agent over, who recommended that she make some changes. These additions would make her property more marketable.

Jane began first with the landscaping. She planted several trees around the border of the property in addition to several flower beds. Jane also decided her driveway needed to be redone and had that paved as well. Jane decided that to facilitate the new landscaping, it would be ideal to put a shed on the property, so she had one built.

Once Jane was done with the landscaping, she turned her attention to the house itself. Her siding was old and made the house look unappealing. So she hired a contracting company to replace it. Once the siding was in place, the house looked brand new. To go with the new siding, Jane replaced all the window shutters as well.

The real estate agent then came to re-assess the value of the property. She was then able to list the property at a much higher price than before the renovations. Even though Jane needed to spend money on her property before the sale, she was able to make a higher profit because of her investment.

Affix vs. Affray

Affix is a term used in real estate, but it also has a second lesser-used definition. You may also use affix to describe the act of signing a legal document. This would be described as affixing one's signature. However, as similar to affix and affray sound, affray is used very differently from both affix definitions.

Affray is used to describe the act of violence in public. Typically used to describe a brawl between two or more people in a public space, affray is most often used by the court system. Those who are involved in an affray do not get criminal charges under the term affray.

Parties who are charged for brawling in a public space face a variety of charges within the court system. Assault, disturbing the peace, or even riot. One determining factor to these charges is that the public disturbance causes terror to the surrounding citizens.

There are some variances to this concept. In some cases, the threat of violence is enough to consider someone involved in an affray. However, in other situations, two or more parties must agree to cause violence in advance. If these parties agree to a public brawl, the physical act of violence no longer needs to happen for the parties to be considered in an affray.