Approve Details

When we do a task assigned to us by our superiors, they usually countercheck what we have done to decide whether we have done the work has to satisfaction. This is usually not a personal thing to do instead of a very professional way of doing things. If the work we have done is correctly done and has met the requirements of our superiors, then it is approved and recognized as worthy. If the work you have done doesn’t meet the required standards, then it is disapproved.

Therefore, approval is a necessary step to be taken to avoid any complications later when you have already finished the project. Disapproval doesn’t mean that your work is flawed; it only means that you should make some improvements to meet the set standards at your workplace. When someone disapproves something, they will often return it with instructions on what to change and what to upgrade. This is the only way that an entity can make sure that the employees do no substandard work.

However, approval doesn’t only apply in work but also in policies and rules set. Before one passes any form of regulation concerning a certain issue, they need to be approved by the authority in power. If the rules are favorable and equally cater to every person affected by them, they are approved and implemented. If the rules might be discriminating in any way to a percentage of the affected population, they can’t be approved.

Example of Approve

Hypothetically speaking, you are an employee at a magazine publishing company, and your job is to write articles that are to be posted for the public to read. You take steps before the articles are published, and one of the steps is approval by the editors. You have a fixed topic you are to write about, and you shouldn’t go out of the outlines of the given topic no matter the case. The step that follows is the creative stage, where you put your thoughts into the article and write a satisfying piece.

After all, taking all the necessary steps to fulfill the requirements of the article, you present it to the editors. The editor’s main role is to proofread your article and make sure that it has met the creative standards. Your grammar also has to be top-notch to present the audience with high-quality reading material. The article shouldn’t be discriminative and should also not attack any group of people in any way; all these are standards set by the company that you have to meet.

If your article has met the minimum requirements, it is eligible for publishing and featured in the magazine’s next issue. This shows that your article is up to standard, and the editor has approved it. If your article hasn’t met the standards set by the company, The editor will not approve it. This demonstrates that the magazine will not publish any substandard articles.

Significance of Approve

When something is approved, it shows that it is not mediocre but is of the right quality. The approval stage in any working space is the most important since it is the one that decides whether something is to be implemented or not. This shows that whatever you do, there is always someone who will go through your work to determine whether it is up to standard. The approval stage is the medium between something becoming practical or something remaining to be a theory.

In every working environment, there are always standards that the superiors have set. These standards have to be followed to the latter since they act as the minimum requirements by the system. The person who approves anything should be well aware of the rules and the minimum requirements so that they can judge your work accordingly and fairly. Therefore, you should also be very keen on what you do and make sure your work is up to standard if you would like it to be approved.