How Club Class Works

Before booking a flight, it's best to call your favorite airline to inquire about the availability of your preferred class of flight, and this includes club class. If you already booked your flight through a website or a travel agent, you can contact them directly to confirm the transaction. Note that it might be possible to upgrade to club class online in some cases; this is, however, subject to the individual airline guidelines. So, to confirm the details, you may need to call.

An aircraft's club class offers more comfort and space. It's generally a more expensive traveling club than traveling business class. Often, in the club class, you can sit back and relax in a deluxe cabin. Some airlines even allow you to travel in grander style and have priority services at the airport with checked luggage. In this way, you can travel in an exclusive cabin with spacious, reclinable seats with various amenities, including pillows to enhance your comfort on board.

When traveling club class, you can access an exclusive check-in at the airport counter and join the queue for priority baggage handling at specified security checkpoints. You may carry personal items like laptops, purses, and camera bags. Some airlines might even allow you to have a few pieces of checked luggage (depending on the specific aircraft passenger policy). Most airlines have other onboard perks for club class travelers, including access to a comfort kit (often this contains a blanket, a sleep mask, an inflatable neck pillow, among others).

Example of Club Class

Meghan Smith chose to travel club class on a flight from Ontario, Canada, to Washington DC, USA. Before booking the flight on her favorite airline, Meghan called the airline to confirm whether she could get a club class ticket on the next scheduled plane. Having confirmed, she booked the flight through the travel agent, securing a club class ticket.

At the airport, Meghan was glad the airline granted her an exclusive check-in at the counter; the attendants led her to the priority queue for special baggage handling past the security checkpoints. Once onboard, she received a personal comfort kit complete with a blanket and a pillow.

In the cabin, everything was well arranged; there were two neat rows of seats (in total, there were 12 seats). The seats were bigger, more comfortable, and came with the convenience of pull-up tables. Meghan had some hot meals and accessed personalized services on the flight. While the flight on the club class cabin could not measure up to the fully reclinable bed chairs available in a first-class cabin, Meghan found it made for a nice experience.

Significance of Club Class

You can have some benefits traveling club class with a reputable airline. Most airlines offer club class passengers a few added comforts to make a long journey tolerable. As soon as you board, you might get a complimentary drink as well as assorted light snacks while other passengers board.

Despite variations from airline to airline, you can expect relatively high standards when flying club class. This may include exclusive access to lounges, premium service, and quality inflight dining. You may also have an exclusive check-in, airport queue, and boarding and baggage reclaim.

Most airlines have a dedicated cabin crew and a premier, dedicated club class washroom and mini toiletries offered for passengers. Unsurprisingly, many find flying club class an affordable way to travel in relative comfort.