terry wogan
Veteran BBC broadcaster Terry Wogan died Sunday at the age of 77 after a brief battle with cancer. Getty Images/Nicky J. Sims

Veteran BBC broadcaster Terry Wogan died Sunday at the age of 77 after a brief battle with cancer, his family confirmed. The Limerick-born had a 50-year career on television and radio.

In a statement, his family reportedly said: “Sir Terry Wogan died today after a short but brave battle with cancer. He passed away surrounded by his family. While we understand he will be missed by many, the family ask that their privacy is respected at this time.”

Wogan was born on Aug. 3, 1938, and spent the first two years of his career working on news and documentaries. He was best known for his long-running radio morning show and for BBC's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest.

"All I've gained by watching the Eurovision Song Contest over the years," he once said, according to BBC, "is a numbing of the prefrontal lobes."

British Prime Minister David Cameron remembered Wogan and paid tribute to the beloved broadcaster.

“My thoughts are with Terry Wogan's family. Britain has lost a huge talent - someone millions came to feel was their own special friend. I grew up listening to him on the radio and watching him on TV. His charm and wit always made me smile,” Cameron wrote on his Twitter account.

BBC Director General Tony Hall reportedly said: "Terry truly was a national treasure."

Several others took to social media to pay their tributes to Wogan.

Here are some memorable quotes remembering Wogan and his works.

  • "Hang on: there’s 60 million people in the country — what are the other 52 million listening to?” — Wogan on hearing that his radio show audience in 2005 had passed 8 million.
  • “The only physical adornments which grow bigger with passing years are the nose and ears. The rest, regrettably, diminishes.”
  • "I don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s a major musical event. I love the Eurovision Song Contest and it will continue long after I’m gone. Just please don’t ask me to take it seriously.” — Wogan speaking in 2008.
  • “Every year I expect it to be less foolish and every year it is more so.” — Wogan on the Finnish rock band Lordi winning the contest in 2006.
  • “The girls themselves resemble nothing so much as garden rakes, and bad-tempered, pouting garden rakes at that.” — Wogan on thin models.
  • “Get on your toes, keep your wits about you, say goodnight politely when it’s over, go home and enjoy your dinner” — Wogan’s golden rule of broadcasting.