Tesla, known as the disruptor in the auto industry with its electic vehicles has stepped in with another innovation that targets car wipers. The Elon Musk-led EVS giant is refining the windshield wiper technology, per reports on new patents filed. 

According to Tesla news, Tesla’s latest patent application shows the automaker has a different approach to power wipers.

Tesla’s new design of power wipers eases out the conventional way of re-circulating electric motors.

Tesla wiper arms are mounted on electromagnetic guide rails and will allow better efficiency in operation as friction is down and wipe more area of the window with an altered sweep.

Tesla’s upcoming Roadster sports car is equipped with a single large blade attached to a central pivot via two arms fora complex sweeping motion.

But the patent gives no clue when the design would go into production. From the description it is clear that complex glass shapes will be required to manage the new wiper solutions.

Multiple benefits and power saving

According to reports, the patent also describes many benefits, unlike the mundane system.

One gain will be that the wiper design is free of the parasitic losses common in conventional setups as power hastens the movement of the wiper arms.

Tesla wipers do not consume the power needed to overcome friction in components, as the blocks on which they are  set up would only glide over the guide rails than rubbing each other.

Another plus is longevity. Reduced friction means less wear and tear over time and precise operation is ensured throughout the service life of the Tesla vehicle.

For Tesla, the plan bodes well to roll out advanced versions of its self-driving suite with excellent forward visibility so that cameras can operate optimally.

But it is still hard to guess how much the new wipers will save power for a vehicle.

Meanwhile, Tesla stock was up 0.02 percent in the after-hours trading on Sept. 27.  The stock was buoyed by high delivery numbers and reports that Tesla Model 3 made its 10000 registration in the Netherlands becoming the most popular car in the country.

However, answering questions from the media on Viper’s comeback, the company’s design chief Ralph Gilles recently said: “In my lifetime I surely hope so.”

The Dodge Viper was manufactured by Dodge, a division of FCA US. In 2014, the two-seat sports car was named number one in the top 10 Most American Cars list.

From Gilles’ comments, it was apparent that the design may not change vastly if it makes a re-entry in an age of smaller engines and electrification. Viper may also supplement FCA’s platter of flagship performance model Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye.

Another reason many people are seeking the return of the Viper is that Viper can save car owners from thieves. Dodge’s Muscle cars had been the most stolen vehicles in North America, per reports.