• One customer was killed and another was injured after a security guard at the Harris County Ocos Lojos Sports Cantina fired shots following an altercation
  • Security guards were preparing to clear the bar before closing time when the altercation took place, authorities said
  • The injured customer is expected to recover

No arrest has been made yet in the case of the customer who was shot and killed by a security guard Sunday following an altercation at the Ojos Locos Sports Cantina in Harris County, north of Houston, Texas.

According to ABC affiliate KTRK-TV, one person was declared dead on the scene while another was transported to a nearby hospital and is now in stable condition. Footage of the scene also showed a security guard pulling his gun out seconds after an altercation with several customers.

Harris County sheriff Ed Gonzales said the decision on arresting and charging the security guard who fired the shots will be left in the hands of the district attorney. Gonzales added that the security officer “is cooperating with the investigation.”

A spokesperson for the popular sports bar said in a statement that the company is still looking into the details of the altercation and the shooting incident. The spokesperson added that the company will speak on the matter when enough information is available.

According to the sheriff’s office, the shooting incident took place as three security guards were trying to tell customers that the bar was shutting down soon. A witness said he heard two gunshots before he and his companions turned around to see the customer who was shot.

The sheriff’s office also revealed that the deceased customer was an “adult Hispanic male,” while the injured is expected to survive his gunshot wound on the arm, ABC News reported.

So far, no other customers or bar personnel were reported to have been injured despite the footage showing other customers trying approach the security guard to stop the physical exchange from escalating further.

A witness also revealed that deceased victim’s friends lay by his side while telling the security guard that the “didn’t have to kill” their friend. The identity of the customer who was shot, as well as the one recovering at the hospital, have yet to be revealed.

Just last month, another shooting incident took place at a bar in Columbus, Ohio, raising the toll of bar deaths across the United States over the past few years.

An altercation took place early Friday morning outside the Monarch Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge in Columbus and a person not involved in the quarrel was shot by a stray bullet, ABC affiliate WLNE-TV reported.

29-year-old Tommy Edwards was shot in the cheek when shots were fired by several people who got into a squabble as the bar was shutting down. Edwards is expected to recover despite his face injuries.