• The thermometer is for kids 0 to 6 years old
  • They were sold on Amazon and Walmart websites
  • Customers can return the products to get a refund

A company has voluntarily recalled certain rechargeable thermometers for kids following reports of burns and irritation.

BearCare issued the recall on the Walnut Wearable Smart Thermometer (Walnut Thermometer) after it received customer complaints, it said on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) website.

The product was meant for kids 0 to six years old for the purpose of "continuous chest temperature monitoring." Reports included "minor to severe" skin burns, as well as skin irritation in the young users of the product.

"BearCare prioritizes consumer safety and is thoroughly evaluating these complaints," the company noted.

It has urged affected customers to stop using the recalled product. They include Walnut Thermometers under Model Number WT20 with a silicone exterior in the design of a penguin, with the lot number 20221115W002. They were sold through, Amazon and from December 2022.

A photo, available on both the FDA and company websites, shows the various components of the thermometer, including the charging cable, base station, adhesive, manual and the penguin-designed unit.

The company provided information on some of the signs that indicate your unit is a faulty one. Heat or warming, as well as skin redness or irritation on the skin, may be indicative of a failing device. Other signs include leakage or corrosion, battery life problems or connectivity issues with the app. A leakage, it appears, is of particular concern.

"Caution should be taken if there is evidence of moisture or leakage since this may pose a risk of chemical burns to users as well as caretakers or others handling the product," the company noted. "Given the vulnerable population of neonates and infants, other areas of the body should be checked, including the mouth and eyes due to possible transfer of corrosive fluids that may cause chemical burns or toxicity if swallowed."

Affected customers can return the thermometers to get a refund. They can contact the company via email at or using a complaint form.

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