Scientists at the Intelligent Autonomous System Group of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed two robots that are capable of making and serving snacks, sandwiches, coffee and much more, it has been reported.

The robots reportedly possess a high degree of cognition, the ability to take decisions and perform actions autonomously.

TUM-Rosie has a built-in video camera with multi-sensor heads, two four-fingered hands (two DLR-HIT hands and two Kuka LWR-4 7-DOF arms) and several Hokuyo laser scanners to perform actions like slicing the bread, cheese, salami, popcorn or any other such items, according to

TUM-James is a mobile robot which has a kinetic 3D camera sensor. This robot will fetch the desired objects or ingredients.

If it's hard to understand the mechanical process, check out the demonst ration in the videos here:

James and Rosie Preparing Popcorn and Sandwiches

TUM Manipulation Robot