Passengers traveling on a Thomas Cook flight to London's Stansted Airport passed out after being stranded inside the plane for three hours without air conditioning. United Kingdom tabloid the Sun reported Sunday people had panic attacks on board and were left dehydrated.

The plane, flight MT 1805, was en route to London from Greek island Zante with more than 200 passengers. Photos and videos shared on social media showed the staff carrying out passengers who had passed out from the heat. 

One passenger told the Sun several people stripped to deal with the unbearable heat while many had panic attacks. One passenger also accused the crew of not helping them out of the situation and added they were not given any food for the hours inside the plane. 

According to reports, the passengers were later removed from the plane and were put up in "dirty and unhygienic" hotel rooms. One passenger was allegedly taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Diabetic passenger Isabella Wright told the Sun she nearly "passed out" from the heat and lack of food and described Thomas Cook's treatment as "horrific" and a "breach of human rights."

Another passenger, who did not want to be named said: "The heat was unbearable... We were stuck in this sweat box and couldn't breathe because the air con was switched off."

"They wouldn't give us any food, and wouldn't let us off the plane because they kept saying the flight would take off in a couple of minutes," the passenger said. "A woman had a fit and another woman passed out because it was almost 30C. The pilot avoided eye contact with us and at least four air hostesses ignored our questions.... It was an absolute shambles. We're tired and hungry, and they don't want to give us free food."

A Thomas Cook representative reportedly apologized for the discomfort and said they "recognized they should have disembarked the aircraft earlier." 

“Flight MT1805 from Zante to Stansted was delayed due to a technical issue with the on board air conditioning," the statement read. "We tried to fix the issue so that we could get customers on their way as soon as possible, but we recognize that we should have disembarked the aircraft earlier. We are very sorry for the discomfort our customers experienced... All customers will be given a letter of apology with detail on their entitlement to compensation.”