Tim Tebow was sent to the minor league camp by the New York Mets after his performance in an exhibition game against the Houston Astros on Tuesday.

The former NFL quarterback went 0 for 4 with four strikeouts which contribute to a total of 1 for 18 with 11 strikeouts in the seven exhibition games he featured in.

"It’s not like it was a shock,” Tebow said, as per the New York Post. "They have been super honest the whole time. We have great relationships and conversations, so it’s not like, ‘Oh my gosh.’”

Tebow was invited to the major league camp in January as a non-roster invitee after his improved performances in the minor leagues. However, he was largely used as a designated hitter due to a left ankle sprain hampering him, after he tripped on a sprinkler head in late February.

"I’ll just continue to work in all the areas we’ve been working and making progress. That’s really the focus — to continue the process and the journey and keep working," Tebow told reporters after the game.

"The ankle was kind of disappointing. I got to put in a lot of good work and feel like I’m improving. It’s getting there."

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson stated in mid-February that he expected to see the 30-year-old in the major leagues in the future, after praising his work ethic and positive influence. Tebow, however, is simply focused on getting better each day even if his goal of playing in the major leagues one day remains the same.

"That’s definitely the goal, so it will just be putting in work every day and hopefully one day you get that opportunity," Tebow explained. "But you can’t be focused on just the end result, it’s got to be on every day, on the process, going back every day and looking at film. Just having the long-term mindset with a here-and-now focus, and that is something I have had my entire baseball time and I will continue to do that."

Tebow can still feature for the two-time World Series champions but he would have to be called over from the minor league side. Regardless, he is happy with the experience he got as he is now expected to begin his season at Double-A Binghamton.

"It was a lot different being around the guys all the time, being able to learn a lot more, go through drills when I could and get some meaningful at-bats, too," he added.

The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner hit eight home runs, 52 R.B.I. and 126 strikeouts in 126 games during his first full season with the Mets' minor leagues.

Meanwhile, other players also demoted to the minor leagues were the likes of Gerson Bautista, Jamie Callahan, Marcos Molina, and Corey Oswalt, who were all optioned. Right-hander Kevin McGowan was reassigned to minor league camp along with Tebow.