Two commuter trains crashed head-on near Brussels during the Monday morning rush hour killing 18 people.

Here is a list of some of the major train crashes and accidents in Europe in the last ten years:

October 2000 - BRITAIN - Four people are killed and 30 injured when a passenger train derails at Hatfield, 30 miles north of London.

November 2000 - AUSTRIA - A fire in a tunnel engulfs a funicular train packed with skiers killing 155 people.

February 2001 - BRITAIN - Ten people are killed and dozens injured when a train collides with a crashed car before being hit by a freight train in Yorkshire.

March 2001 - BELGIUM - Eight people are killed when two passenger trains collide head on the same track at Pecrot in central Belgium.

July 2002 - ITALY - An express train, heading to Venice from the Sicilian capital Palermo, with 190 passengers on board, came off the tracks at Rometta, a town west of Messina killing eight and injuring 48.

November 2002 - FRANCE - Fire swept through a sleeping car on a Paris-Vienna express train, killing 12 people, including two children, and injuring nine others.

May 2003 - HUNGARY - Thirty-four people are killed when the Budapest-Nagykanizsa train hits a coach full of mainly elderly German holidaymakers at a level crossing near Siofok.

June 2003 - SPAIN - A passenger train traveling to Cartagena from Madrid crashes into the path of an oncoming goods train at Chinchilla, killing 19.

November 2004 - BRITAIN - A passenger train traveling from London's Paddington station to Plymouth in western England crashes into a car at a level crossing in Berkshire near the village of Ufton Nervet, killing seven and injuring dozens.

January 2005 - ITALY - Seventeen people are killed when a passenger train and a freight train crash north of Bologna.

January 2006 - MONTENEGRO - Up to 46 people are killed and 198 injured when a packed train derails and plunges into a ravine about 10 km (6 miles) outside the capital Podgorica.

July 2006 - SPAIN - Forty-one people are killed when an underground train derails and overturns in a tunnel just before entering the Jesus metro station in Valencia.

September 2006 - GERMANY - The Transrapid magnetic levitation train, which floats on a magnetic cushion, hits a maintenance vehicle on a test track in the Emsland area, killing 23 people.

February 2008 - BULGARIA - Nine people die from a fire that swept through sleeper carriages on a train which was traveling from the capital Sofia to the northern town of Kardam.

August 2008 - CZECH REPUBLIC - Seven people are killed and 65 injured when an express train, running from Krakow in Poland, to Prague, crashes into a collapsed road bridge.

June 2009 - ITALY - An explosion of a passing freight train that set fire to nearby homes and burned families alive while they slept in the seaside town of Viareggio kills around 22 people.

February 2010 - BELGIUM - Two trains crash head-on in snowy conditions at the village of Buizingen, near Halle, southwest of Brussels, killing 18 people.