bradley rios
Timothy Bradley (left) earned a convincing victory over Brandon Rios (right) on Saturday in Las Vegas. Getty

Timothy Bradley (33-1-1) defended his WBO welterweight title with a ninth-round knockout win over Brandon Rios (33-3-1) at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Bradley won every round on International Business Times' scorecard. He was far more aggressive and faster than Rios, who never seemed to show any desperation to win. The compubox statistics had Bradley landing 254 punches on 570-thrown punches (45 percent), in a huge advantage over Rios' 81 punches landed on 454 punches thrown (18 percent.) Bradley also landed 54 percent of his power punches compared to Rios' 18 percent.

"I got a knockout win against a great champion and a great opponent in Brandon Rios, who is tough and gritty and can take shots," said Bradley. "The sky's the limit from here."

Bradley entered the fight with new trainer Teddy Atlas, and the change seemed to make a difference. He appeared to be the far more focused fighter, and looked sharper than in previous fights. It was his first knockout victory since 2011 when he defeated Joel Casamayor. Bradley entered the bout at 155 pounds, compared to Rios who entered at 170.

International Business Times offered round-by-round coverage of the fight.

Round 1

Bradley came out aggressive in the opening minute and Rios showed nothing. Rios displayed some aggression in the second minute when they exchanged punches, but Bradley dominated this round.

Bradley 10-9

Round 2

First minute again belonged to Bradley. Rios landed a good hook near the middle of the round, prompting a "Rios" chant. However, Bradley continues to show more aggression.

Bradley 10-9

Round 3

More jabbing from Bradley in the first minute. He got a way with a low blow in the second minute. Bradley landed some good combinations in a tight round.

Bradley 10-9

Round 4

Rios doesn't seem to be hurt by any of Bradley's punches. Both boxers have gone to the body. Bradley has shown far more speed and keeps throwing more punches. He landed a strong right with 18 seconds left.

Bradley 10-9

Round 5

An enormous right hand from Bradley landed, but Rios remains unfazed. A pair of flurries from Bradley helped him win this round. Rios needs to be more active.

Bradley 10-9

Round 6

More Bradley in the middle of the round as he gave some good combo punches. Rios seems to be waiting for the right moment to land a power shot, but easier said than done. Bradley just looks too fast, and hasn't given Rios enough opportunities to land a quality power shot.

Bradley 10-9

Round 7

When is Rios going to throwing punches? Bradley is dominating this fight with his fast fists and feet. He is clearly the more prepared and focused boxer. This fight has become less entertaining.

Bradley 10-9

Round 8

The weight advantage has meant nothing tonight for Rios. He failed to land any punch of consequence as he continues to lag. Bradley shows that he wants this fight, but there are few power punches to hurt Rios. This is becoming very routine.

Bradley 10-9

Round 9

Bradley wins on KO! He waited until the final moments of the round to get some strong uppercuts to knock down Rios twice. Rios stayed on the mat until the nine count. Rios seemed to just give up, and never looked like he wanted to keep fight. Referee Tony Weeks called the fight off, and it was the right decision.