NOAA has released the updated and impoverished list of the most intense hurricanes to make landfall in the United States from 1851-2010. These hurricanes are categorized as Major hurricanes, which are a category 3, 4 or 5 hurricanes.

A category 3 hurricane has maximum sustained winds of 111-130 miles per hour; a category 4 hurricane is classified with maximum sustained winds of 131-155 miles per hour and a category 5 hurricane has more than 155 miles per hour maximum sustained winds.

According to National Hurricane Center (NHC), about two major hurricanes every three years made landfall somewhere along the Gulf or Atlantic coast.

1. Hurricane Florida Keys

Year: 1935
Landfall region: Florida
Hurricane Category: 5

2. Hurricane Camille

Year: 1969
Landfall region: Mississippi, Virginia, Louisiana
Hurricane Category: 5

3. Hurricane Katrina

Year: 2005
Landfall region: Florida, Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico
Hurricane Category: 3

4. Hurricane Andrew

Year: 1992
Category: 5
Region: Florida, Louisiana

5. Hurricane Indianola

Year: 1886
Category: 4
Region: Texas

6. Hurricane Florida Keys

Year: 1919
Landfall region: Florida, Texas
Hurricane Category: 4

7. Hurricane Lake Okeechobee

Year: 1928
Landfall region: Florida
Hurricane Category: 4

8. Hurricane Donna

Year: 1960
Landfall region: Florida, Eastern U.S.
Hurricane Category: 4

9. Hurricane Pensacola

Year: 1926
Landfall region: Florida, Miami
Hurricane Category: 4

10. Hurricane Carla

Year: 1961
Landfall region: North and Central Texas
Hurricane Category: 4

This National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration satellite image, taken August 28, 2005 and released August 28, 2006, shows Hurricane Katrina as the storm's outer bands lashed the Gulf Coast the day before landfall. Katrina hit on August 29, 2005 and killed more than 1,500 people in four states, flooding 80 percent of New Orleans. Credit: REUTERS