Here is a list of the most recent Mac OS X Lion apps that are free for download:

Brightness Menu Bar: This is a utility app which lets you adjust and control brightness from the menu bar. The app was launched on August 9 and requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. It has been developed for those who are missing brightness control in menu bar. Brightness Menu Bar

Logical Mail: Logical Mail is a productivity e-mail software that allows to do the batch transmission while inserting some information of e-mail destinations like name or honorifics in e-mails. Here you can easily specify which destination is used to transmit with the check button. An input button has been prepared for entering without typing. The app is available in both English and Japanese. Logical Mail

Retrofit: Retrofit is a developer tool that has been built to help designers automate the creation of assets suitable for non retina mobile displays. Just select a folder containing your @2x assets and this program will create a new set of downsized assets. Retrofit

EZSwitch: This is a utility app which allows you to shutdown, restart or put your Mac (OSX Snow Leopard or above) to sleep with a user configurable delay time. The app also allows you to cancel or change the operation within the user configurable delay time. The delay also provides you the opportunity to exit your computer desk without accidentally waking up the computer through the keyboard or mouse. EZSwitch

The Lost Watch 3D Lite: The Lost Watch 3D is an animated wallpaper. The app offers high-quality 3D graphics and effects and shows the current date and time. The app also supports multi-monitor support with monitor selection and removes the dock icon. The Lost Watch 3D Lite

Liya: Liya is a Business app that allows a user to access three Database Systems simultaneously from a single visual interface. The app can access MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite3 databases using a simple 3-panel display - one panel for selecting the database and the table, another for editing the table structure, and the last for editing the contents of the table. Liya

Healing Voice: Healing Voice is a Healthcare and fitness app that lets you shed the pressure of stressful and intense situations. The app provides soothing musical pieces with amazing imagery that fades in and out for a visual escape. A Sleep Timer has also been provided which fades music after the time of your choice. Healing Voice

Clipart for iWork and iWeb: This is a graphics and design app which has 50 different outstanding pictures which can be used in Apple's iWeb, Keynote, Pages, Numbers and many other applications on a Mac. The pictures can be used to emphasize the specification of your document or just to make your website or presentation more attractive and more memorable. Clipart for iWork and iWeb

ExpoBoard Lite: ExpoBoard is a productivity app that lets you collect information, sort out images and select idea gems from numerous web pages. The app gives you cork board collection and have PDF-images support for better scaling of vector graphics. Stickers with rich text formatting have also been provided. ExpoBoard Lite

Tab for Google+: Tab for Google+ is the ultimate Mac client for all your Google+ needs. The app is quick, simple, effortless and lets you be at the forefront of your social activity from the ease of your menu bar, without the need to open an internet browser window. Tab for Google+