Teamsters General President James Hoffa Jr.
Teamsters General President James Hoffa Jr. Reuters


10. “When I say ‘sons-of-b-tches’ I mean that in a loving, caring, nurturing way.”

9. “I need my high salary -- first-class hotels, first-class air fares and luxurious trips to the Bahamas don’t come cheap!”

8. “Some of my best friends are Republicans, but I sure as hell wouldn’t live next door to one, nor want my daughter to marry one!”

7. “Look, us Teamsters only resort to violence when verbal threats and coercion don’t work!”

6. “Man, you’d be a fool to buy American cars, when Japanese and German cars are made so much better!... Oops, is my microphone still on!?”

5.“Would you believe we’re STILL getting subpoenas from Bobby Kennedy??”

4. “After all this blows over, I’m goin’ to relax in Vegas… You know, we BUILT Vegas!”

3. “Nothing I like better than being in Detroit! Almost as nice as Cleveland, but not quite as pretty as Toledo!”

3. “Teamsters: 1% thug; 99% teddy bear!”

2. “Yeah, let’s just say I like to relax by ‘collectively bargaining’ with my wife.”

1. “Dad’s dinner is getting awfully cold.”