New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie New Jersey Governor's Office

After much speculations and rumor-mongering, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has stated flatly he will not seek the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

International Business Times spoke to Jamie Chandler, professor of political science at Hunter College in New York City, about why he thinks Christie made the right choice.

It’s too late to enter the race
“Christie would not have enough time to build a strong campaign organization in advance the primary season.”

He doesn’t have enough experience
“Christie has only been New Jersey governor for 19 months. Waiting until 2016 would give him more time build many successes to tout in a presidential campaign.”

His positions on social issues are too moderate for social conservatives
“Christie has taken moderate stances on gay rights. He believes that being gay is a choice, and he supports Civil Unions. Christie has also said that his Catholicism informs who he is, but not his political decisions.”

The Republican Party is rapidly coalescing around Mitt Romney.
“Recent polls place Romney in first. The party is quickly seeing him as the most electable candidate.”

Four years will give Christie time to improve his health.
“A presidential campaign is physically grueling. Chris Christie’s obesity would make it difficult for him to endure these challenges, and voters would also see it a liability.”