COVID-19-Related 'Inflammatory Syndrom' Appears Among UK Children, Report Says

A UK alert reported a coronavirus-related "inflammatory syndrome" appearing among infected children of all ages. The report said that the condition looked like a combination between symptoms of a toxic shock syndrome and an atypical Kawasaki disease; both conditions exhibit redness and swelling on the skin. Furthermore, the report said that while these conditions were seen in children positive for the COVID-19, some cases tested negative for the virus.

COVID-19 Warning: Some Handwash Brands May Weaken Your Immune System, Report Says

The rapid spread of coronavirus has caused health experts and government officials to call on the public to observe good hygiene practices. The measure hiked the popularity of the hand wash, making it one of the most saleable products in the market. A doctor, however, is asking people to be cautious when choosing what hand washes to buy because there are some with ingredients known to weaken your body’s natural defenses.