• Recovered COVID-19 patient revealed that the disease is very tricky
  • Cameron Karosis said just when he thought he was better, more severe symptoms appeared
  • He said people should be aware that coronavirus does not discriminate

A patient who has recovered from coronavirus infection reveals that the disease is very tricky during the recovery period. Cameron Karosis of Cambridge was diagnosed with the infection in late March. He developed typical COVID-19 symptoms like body aches and fever but then started to get better after several days. In an interview with WBZ-TV, Karosis said that just when he thought he was already well, his fever came back “with a vengeance.”

coronavirus recovery period can be tricky according to recovered patient
coronavirus recovery period can be tricky according to recovered patient Gerd Altmann - Pixabay

Healthy And Fit

The 27-year-old revealed during the interview that he began working from home in early March when the virus outbreak hit. He also noted that he was faithfully observing social distancing measures and only went out to shop for food twice. In both instances, he was wearing protective gear.

Karosis also told WBZ-TV that he keeps healthy and fit by eating only nutritional foods and exercising regularly. Despite this, however, he said he still tested positive for COVID-19 in March. He told the news outfit that he recalled feeling a kink in the neck, which eventually became a full-body ache last March 19. He said that he also began having migraines.

Other Symptoms

According to Karosis, his migraine made it hard for him to get some sleep. “And any time I did get sleep, my fever would make me sweat and I would wake up drenched,” Karosis said. He tried to get tested for COVID-19 three times, but since his symptoms are not that severe, he did not qualify.

It was at this time that respiratory problems hit. Karosis explained the sensation to WBZ-TV. “If you are inhaling, all of a sudden you will hit this breaking point and you start coughing and it hurts like kind of in the lower part of your lungs,” Karosis said. “And then when you are not trying to breathe either deeply or shallowly, you just feel like there’s someone sitting on your chest,” Karosis told the news outfit.

Taking The Test

With the development of new symptoms, Karosis said he qualified for a test. After four days, his results came back, showing that he is COVID-19 positive. The young man revealed that in his case, the disease was coming in waves. According to Karosis, it tricks you into thinking you are well. “You have a week where you are doing poorly. You start to get better. Your fever dials back, and then it comes back with a vengeance, and that’s what happened to me,” said Karosis.

By that time, Karosis said that he started having severe breathing difficulties, prompting him to rush to Massachusetts General Hospital, where hospital staff tended to him for several hours. He revealed that while in the hospital, he got very emotional when he thought of the likelihood of being intubated. Fortunately, he was informed there is no need for him to be put on a ventilator. Instead of being admitted to the hospital, he opted to go home. Karosis told WBZ-TV that he felt fully healthy again by April 9 and has resumed work on April 13. He said, however, that he wants to stay indoors as much as possible because there is no guarantee if he is already immune from the disease.

According to Karosis, he wants people to know that coronavirus does not discriminate. He told WBZ-TV that he only went shopping for food twice and was wearing gloves and masks in both instances but still got infected. “You can be healthy. You can do everything right. You can wear gloves. You can wear a mask. You can do everything right, and that doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything,” Karosis said.