Severe weather that swept southwestern Oklahoma Monday damaged an agriculture office and other structures, while a tornado demolished an Oklahoma State University extension office and a hay barn at a dairy, authorities said.

Tillman County emergency management coordinator Jeffrey Rector told AP that a house two miles south of Tipton was also damaged, without causing any serious injuries. We sent rescue out and got them out. There was no one injured there, Rector said.

A number of storm chasers have been capturing videos of the region blanketed by hail and tornados, many of them uploaded on YouTube.

A storm chaser vehicle reportedly was turned on its side, after getting too close to a tornado. However, the occupants escaped unhurt to continue the chase, Rector said.

Though the region is familiar with tornadoes, the largest earthquake to have hit the Oklahoma in recorded history spooked citizens over the weekend. The earthquake of 5.6 magnitude had its epicenter located 44 miles east of Oklahoma city, and the tremors were felt as far as Wisconsin and South Carolina.

We're in tornado country, man, Joey Wakefield, emergency management director for rural Lincoln County, told Reuters. These earthquakes, it just scares the hell out of everybody here.

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