• Tottenham Hotspur defeated Chelsea 5-4 on penalties on Tuesday
  • The Spurs benefited from a late-game equalizing goal by Erik Lamela
  • Eric Dier stormed off for an emergency bathroom break and was chased down by Jose Mourinho

Tottenham Hotspur came away with a victory against Chelsea in their recent Carabao Cup matchup. While the bout was decided in a penalty shootout, one of the main highlights of the match was a hilarious moment involving Eric Dier’s emergency bathroom break.

Among the many tense situations the Spurs endured in its tight match against the Blues, the one that stood out was when Mourinho chased after Dier after the defender left to answer the “call of nature.”

Chelsea was already ahead 1-0 in the second half and Mourinho needed full cooperation from his team to rally back in the game. That was when Dier left the field to use the toilet, prompting the Spurs’ manager to storm after him to get him back in the game.

"We tried to organize a team with the players we had available. What happened to Eric Dier is not normal, I have to praise him in a special way. It should be forbidden for a player to play two games in 48 hours at this level [after he played against Newcastle]. What he did is not human to do," Mourinho told Sky Sports.

Despite Dier’s brief absence, the team was able to rally back and force the penalty shootout. It was an all-around effort from Tottenham as Erik Lamela netted the game-tying goal with seven minutes left on the clock.

"He had to go [when he ran off] - he had no chance!" Mourinho continued. "Maybe it is a normal thing when you are completely dehydrated which is the case, I had to put pressure on him to get back but he is a great example for everybody. If the authorities don't care about players, I care."

The pressure from Mourinho was real for Dier, but the 26-year-old midfielder had no other choice but to answer nature’s call.

"Jose wasn't happy but there was nothing I could do about it, nature was calling. I heard there was a chance while I was off the pitch but thankfully they didn't score," Dier said.

After the match, Dier posted on social media a picture of the toilet he used, saying in the caption that it was the real man of the match.

The Spurs have a busy schedule ahead as the club will host Maccabi Haifa in their Europa League playoff match on Thursday.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho
Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho AFP / Lindsey Parnaby