After closing all its stores almost, a year ago, Toys “R” Us may be ready for a comeback. The company announced it was heading into liquidation in March 2018, after it had filed for bankruptcy.

The toy retailer is reportedly looking to open half dozen stores in the U.S. by the holidays as well as an e-commerce site, Bloomberg reported.

The reincarnation of the retailer is reportedly the idea of Richard Barry, a former Toys “R” Us executive, who is now the CEO of Tru Kids Inc. The new stores will be smaller than Toys “R” Us’ previous footprint at roughly 10,000 square feet and will feature interactive experiences such as play areas inside, the news outlet said.

The ability to open the stores would come with consignment inventory, where Toys “R” Us wouldn’t pay for products until they are bought by shoppers, a source told Bloomberg. Whether or not toymakers that went unpaid because of Toys “R” Us’ liquidation in 2018 will be willing to work with the retailer on the consignment process is an unknown.

A spokesperson for Tru Kids told Bloomberg that the company wasn’t ready to publicly share details on its U.S. strategy.