• Chelsea is looking for that big summer signing to strengthen their chances next season
  • Lewis Bate leaves Chelsea to sign with Leeds United
  • Bate has been compared to Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips

Manchester City’s grip on the English Premier League is still felt by many as they have won two titles in the last three years.

This has forced many teams within England’s top-flight league to bring in talent from across Europe to strengthen their teams and hope to knock off Manchester City.

Cross-town rivals Manchester United has agreed to terms with Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho in the hopes of returning to the top after an eight-year drought.

Meanwhile, Chelsea has been looking for a big signing this summer transfer window.

They have been previously linked to Dortmund’s Erling Haaland early in the window, but that has since changed as the young striker declared that he’s staying with the club.

With the striker deciding not to join, the team is now hoping that one of their academy players blossoms quickly and could be called up to the main roster later in the year.

However, Leeds United has other plans.

18-year-old midfielder prodigy Lewis Bate has decided to leave Chelsea after rejecting a contract offer.

For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Bate is an England Under-19 international team player who is most recognized for his great passing and ability to snake his way through the midfield.

Despite standing at just 5-foot-6, his ability to make plays and great positioning allows him to make skillful tackles and disrupting plays fairly well.

He’s also a budding leader as he led Chelsea’s U-15 to a treble, showing that he has great potential as a first-team player.

Bate has one year left on his contract but has decided not to sign the aforementioned offer as he’s looking to make his own name within the Premier League since Chelsea already has a wealth of talent in the midfield.

Leeds fans have been comparing him to Kalvin Phillips.  He’s a perfect fit for Marcelo Bielsa’s team as his aforementioned skills will allow him to develop greatly as part of the club.

With Bate leaving for Leeds, Chelsea’s future takes a hit. But they will be fine moving forward as their search for a big-splash signing continues this summer.