• Arsenal F.C. will try to make a run at Jack Grealish
  • Aston Villa confident clubs may not afford price for Grealish
  • Grealish remains uncertain on where he may play next season

Aston Villa is bent on keeping Jack Grealish, raising their asking fee. Manchester United, the club widely-believed to be leading the race for the 24-year-old captain, has bowed out due to the outrageous price. Arsenal F.C. is now linked to Grealish although questions remain on whether they can afford him.

Aston Villa slapped a hefty $103 million asking fee on Grealish, something that forced United to a corner. The Red Devils are already trying to figure out how to afford Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund, someone who costs more at $141 million. Given the current financial situation of Premier League clubs, Man Utd. is forced to choose between the two. And it appears the decision is to focus on Sancho over Grealish.

For their part, The Lions are hoping that the hefty fee will turn away suitors for Grealish. The Red Devils may have been thwarted but interest in Grealish remains. Now, it appears Arsenal is considering a move for the English player although they have yet to make any formal offer, Sky Sports reported.

Part of this is perhaps there are also questions in the air about the available budget that Mikel Arteta has at his disposal. With the Gunners failing to qualify for the Champions League, the club's summer transfer budget is likely to take a hit.

Grealish has had a fine season with The Lions, scoring eight goals and six assists in the Premier League. He has three left years in his current deal and Villa is pushing teams to try and pry him away at such a hefty price.

Grealish remains unsure of his future and could be open to a move. Some clubs have offered roughly between $65 to $78 million but The Lions are standing firm on their asking fee of $103 million.

"I have one aim and that is to keep this club in the Premier League, where this whole fanbase know we belong," Grealish said in another report from Sky Sports. "That's all I'm thinking about at the moment and hopefully we can do that on Sunday."

Aside from United and Arsenal, Manchester City is also considering a move for Grealish. Though Pep Guardiola is an admirer of Grealish, City may also be turned away by the high asking price of The Lions.

Jack Grealish of Aston Villa
Jack Grealish of Aston Villa during the Carabao Cup Semi Final match between Aston Villa and Leicester City Getty Images | Visionhaus