• Triple H could possibly have a hand in the direction of NXT once again
  • He made his return backstage earlier in the week and had a meeting to announce his plans
  • Stephanie McMahon's rise to interim chairman and CEO may have had a hand in it

The pro wrestling community has had one of the most momentous weeks in recent months after then WWE chairman and CEO came under fire for an alleged hush money scandal and the supposed release of elite-level women’s talent Sasha Banks within just mere days of each other.

However, it was recently reported and confirmed that the executive vice president for global talent strategy & development Triple H (real name Paul Levesque) made an appearance on NXT.

Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio noted that Triple H had a meeting with everyone and told them that “he is back” and that he was there “for business reasons” but did not entirely elaborate what it meant.

Prominent pro wrestling personality and the founder of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer hinted that Triple H has a hand in how the revamped NXT brand was being run.

“I asked some people there, and they said that he just said things are happening, and he can’t talk about them right now, but he’s back. So, that’s basically it. Whatever it is will come out in the days to come, but nobody knew exactly what he meant by that,” Meltzer said.

“Was he back running NXT? Perhaps. Is he back with more power? Yes. He does seem to have more power now.”

This is great news for fans of Triple H’s run as the head creative person for NXT when the brand first launched as it served as a launching point for many of the top talents in WWE today.

Under his guidance, the brand developed stars like the aforementioned Banks, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Rhea Ripley and current Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair.

When WWE started releasing talent from both the main roster and in its developmental brand, it was believed that any trace of Triple H’s involvement with NXT was being erased.

This came at a time when he was taking a break from his upper management role due to a near-death experience as he explained to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

With his father-in-law Vince McMahon stepping down from his role in the meanwhile, his wife Stephanie McMahon has since taken on the reins as the interim chairman and CEO.

Whether this correlates to him being back to NXT or not, the timing certainly is interesting.

Fans of the top-tier pro wrestling promotion will have a lot of storylines to watch in the coming weeks, all of which are surprisingly outside of the squared circle.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon pose for a picture with a fan ahead of a WWE show. WWE