Top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow claimed on Friday that “there is no second wave” of the coronavirus in the United States, as cases spike in parts of the country.

“There is no emergency. There is no second wave. I don’t know where that got started on Wall Street,” Kudlow told the “Fox & Friends” program. He also said the U.S. would not shut down non-essential businesses if cases become overwhelming.

“What you do have is certain spots are seeing a little bit of a jump up, some small metropolitan areas are seeing it. The CDC and the health people are all over it. They've sent some task forces out to deal with it," he continued. "But, if you look nationally, the important point is the rate of increase [in] new cases is between zero and 1%. It’s really flattened out, and with respect to fatalities, it's the same. It's actually lower than that. It’s like zero to a half [of] a percent."

Arizona, Texas and Florida are some of the states experiencing a spike in cases. The Centers for Disease Control said Friday that it expected 130,000 deaths from the virus by July 4.

Kudlow has made false predictions about the virus before. In February, he claimed the U.S. had “contained” the virus “pretty close to airtight,” but later walked back the remarks as the national death toll rose. In separate comments to clients of investment bank Evercore Inc. on Friday, he reportedly said “there have been some flare-ups of the virus, very controllable.”

Fears of a second wave of the virus caused the Dow Jones Industrial Average to drop more than 1,800 points on Thursday. The economy has seen some glimpses of hope, with 2.5 million jobs unexpectedly added in May. Consumer sentiment also increased in June, according to the University of Michigan.

The U.S. currently has the most cases of the coronavirus in the world. As of Saturday at 2:30 p.m. ET, there are 2,061,005 cases in the U.S., and a death toll of 115,036.