President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron on Friday discussed efforts to send immediate humanitarian aid to Lebanon following a devastating blast Tuesday in Beirut.

“Today, President Donald Trump spoke with President Emmanuel Macron of France. President Trump and President Macron expressed their deep sadness over the loss of life and devastation in Beirut,” White House Spokesperson Judd Deere said in a statement. “The two leaders agreed to work together with international partners to provide immediate aid to the Lebanese people.”

Tuesday’s explosion killed 154 people and injured 5,000, with the cause of the blast still under investigation. The explosion occurred at Beirut’s port and ravaged large swaths of the dense Lebanese capital.

On Thursday, Macron visited Beirut to survey the destruction, touring the wrecked Gemmayze neighborhood. Beirutis plead to Macron for help, and expressed their anger toward Lebanese political leaders, calling for a revolution.

“I guarantee you this – aid will not go to corrupt hands,” Macron told demonstrators. “I will talk to all political forces to ask them for a new pact. I am here today to propose a new political pact to them.”

Lebanese citizens have blamed negligence by the government for the explosion. Newly released documents reveal multiple Lebanese government agencies warned about a cache of ammonium nitrate being stored at Beirut’s port. No action to remove the material was taken by Beirut authorities.

The explosion comes as Lebanon deals with a financial crisis. The Lebanese pound has sunk dramatically in value over the last year. The prices of basic necessities such as bread and meat have risen, while the country deals with daily power outages. Lebanese citizens have taken to the streets to protest corruption by the government and its mismanagement of the economy.