As the White House transition process begins for President-elect Joe Biden, so has the process of reducing President Trump's inventory at The White House Gift Shop.

While Trump has yet to concede to Biden, his chances of a second term in office seem to be dwindling. The White House Gift Shop seems to be ready to turn the tide as it has marked down the prices of several Trump-related items, as noted by TMZ.

On its website, “Make America Great Again” hats, made famous during Trump’s campaign rallies, have been discounted to $29 from the regular price of $37.95, while the Trump American Flag Pin is selling for $15.95, down from the original $24.95 price tag.

A President Trump wooden magnet was reduced to $6.50 from the regular price of $9.50, and a $350 2018 White House ornament set, celebrating Trump’s North Korea peace talks, among other achievements, has been marked half off.

As the Trump items are being marked down, Biden-Harris merchandise is incoming. The White House Gift Shop is promoting pre-orders for the 46th President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris inauguration coin. The coins are limited to 7,500 and will ship by Jan. 1, 2021.

Throughout the election, Trump has fought the results of key battleground states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. The states of Michigan and Pennsylvania have recently certified their vote count, giving their 16 and 20 electoral votes, respectively, to Biden.

The state of Georgia also certified its vote count, calling the race in favor of Biden, while the state of Wisconsin is continuing its recount in the counties of Milwaukee and Dane, which is expected to wrap up after Thanksgiving.

In this photo, President Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" hats are sold at a rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 4, 2016. Getty Images/ Spencer Platt