The truth about Representative Anthony Weiner’s infamous lewd Twitter photo could probably be figured “out in 15 minutes.”

That is, if he had just called for a criminal investigation, Chris McCroskey of told The Daily.

Weiner claimed his Twitter account was hacked. If so, he was the victim of a crime and could therefore call for a criminal investigation. McCroskey said either the Capitol Police or the local police department could get to the bottom of this alleged hacking incident in about “15 minutes.” The FBI also would have been quite capable.

So why does Weiner refuse to call the authorities?

Weiner said he felt it was a private matter and not a federal criminal incident for the authorities. Therefore, he hired private investigators to get to the bottom of this case.

Until his investigators get more information, he refuses to say with “certitude” whether or not the photo was of him. He also refuses to provide more information about the alleged hack (or prank, as he sometimes calls it).

Others, however, have different opinions as to what happened.

Donald Trump, in an interview with CNN, thinks the photo was of Weiner. He said if it wasn’t, Weiner would have denied it. He doesn’t buy that Weiner couldn’t confirm or deny with “certitude” because one would definitely know if a picture of oneself was taken in that compromising position.

Meanwhile, Gennette Cordova, the Seattle 21-year-old who received the lewd photo from Weiner’s Twitter account, has the following theory.

She told the New York Post that she thinks it’s possible Weiner confused her with Ginger Lee. “Her name is Ginger -- it makes sense he might have mixed us up,” she said.

Ginger Lee is a porn actress that Weiner used to follow on Twitter. In March, she bragged about receiving a direct Twitter message from Weiner’s Twitter account and wrote on her blog that she want [s] to have sexual relations with Anthony Weiner.”

According to Cordova’s theory, Ginger Lee might have been Weiner intended recipient of the photo.

Weiner, on his part, isn’t talking about and commenting on any of the new developments and conjectures about this ongoing scandal.