Type 2 diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases today. The statistics are overwhelming, such that in the US alone, more and more children and teens are starting to develop this disease. Most cases are those from age 45 and above, but data from the Centers Disease and Control Prevention showed that the age is going down.

Culprits Behind Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body no longer produces the right amount of insulin or that it has become resistant to it. This then debilitates the body from acting on the sugars. While the exact reasons behind these conditions continue to be unknown, studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight greatly contribute to its onset.

This is why it is highly advised that at a young age, controlling sugar intake would be a must. Encouraging children and teens to maintain an active lifestyle can do wonders too.

Best snack to help lower blood sugar Best snack to help lower blood sugar Photo: Robert-Owen-Wahl - Pixabay

Foods for Type 2 Diabetes

Some of the best foods for Type 2 diabetes patients include fruits and vegetables. While carbohydrates are not encouraged, certain starchy foods could be ideal. The latter will be responsible for keeping sugar in the body at minimum levels.

One food that is considered as a best friend of Type 2 diabetes patients is cod. This is a very good protein source and is known to help prevent diabetes or manage the disease better compared to other types of meat.

Cod is a type of fish. It makes a great ingredient for fillets due to its firm meat. It can be marinated so that it can be cooked following your preferences. As per NHS, when cod are consumed every week, at least 2 portions thereof, the body can greatly benefit.

Even the American Diabetes Association, stated that fish is great for those with diabetes. It does not only help in controlling or lowering blood sugar levels, but it also brings amazing cardiovascular benefits. It would also help in adding the needed vitamin D. Besides, it can provide the other nutritional requirements that the body needs. The next time that you crave for a healthy snack, better choose cod meat.