• Jon Jones has been training with former UFC "champ-champ" Henry Cejudo
  • Cejudo detailed what he and Jones have been working on
  • He named the biggest fight for "Bones" in the heavyweight division

A different Jon Jones could be edging closer to his UFC comeback.

Jones is still dealing with certain issues outside his MMA career but has been constantly training with former UFC two-division champion Henry Cejudo as well. In a recent appearance on “The Schmozone” podcast, Cejudo revealed a few things about Jones’ long-awaited return.

According to “Triple C,” Jones is currently trying to get back on track in his personal life but will surely make his return “this year.”

“You guys will see Jon Jones this year,” Cejudo announced. “He’s anxious to fight. He needed this time to get his mind right, to let his body recover, to enjoy his family. He needed all this. I wouldn’t be mad if he takes another year off, honestly because he’s accomplished so much.”

Cejudo also divulged that he and “Bones” have been working on bringing back the former light heavyweight’s old form.

“[Jones] got to a point where he was so good that people really started to adapt to him,” he said. “And I talked to Jon I said, ‘Jon, you have to bring that hungry monster again. You [have] got to become that technical savage as you once were, you have the ability to adjust. It’s not just kicks and things, we have to invest in things. We start to break down their foundation and we start to take people out again like [in] the beginning of your career [like] what you did to Lyoto Machida, Shogun [Rua], all these fighters.’”

Jon Jones UFC 172
Six-time defending UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones, left, could use his length to keep powerful challenger Glover Teixeira at bay. Reuters

UFC president Dana White previously said that Jones could compete for the interim heavyweight title if reigning champion Francis Ngannou will prolong his rehabilitation from surgery.

Should an interim bout happen, Jones is likely to face former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

For Cejudo, Miocic vs. Jones will also happen, but the biggest fight would be the title bout against Ngannou.

“That’s the fight that’s gonna happen,” Cejudo said of Miocic vs. Jones. “That’s we’re going to really able to see the creativity of Jon because if you think of it, Stipe doesn’t really have that. Yeah, he knocked out Werdum, but Werdum walked into that punch. I don’t see Stipe with like crazy knockout power. I think Stipe’s greatest gift is endurance, ’cause he’s a heavyweight that keeps pushing the pace. A lot like Alexander Volkanovski. But they don’t have that power and the way to beat a guy like Jon Jones is you got to beat him with power.”

“This is why Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones is a dynamite fight,” he added.