A self-titled UFO expert claims to have proof that aliens are on earth -- in fact, walking among people as they live their daily lives.

Self-titled astobiologist Scott C. Waring uploaded a video on YouTube showing a photo taken 15 years ago. He claimed the photo featured “a real sighting from 2004,” and showed men as they were riding their horses. Between them “stands” a figure Waring claims to be a bipedal alien, the Express reported.

The photo was taken May 10, 2004 in a protected forest area in Santiago, Chile. It was captured by a civil engineer named German Pereira who was working in the location for well over a year when he decided to take a snap of the Parque Forest.

Pereira said he took about ten snaps of the forest, including this photo because he thought it would be interesting to take pictures of state police as they were patrolling the area on horseback. He said he took the photo late in the afternoon, when it was a bit cloudy.

Because the sky was cloudy, his camera adjusted to take photos using a slow shutter speed. Moreover, he used zoom, which ultimately resulted in him capturing a blurry photo. Nevertheless, Pereira was so happy with the photo he captured that he shared it to the public, hoping to get people to tell him what that blurry “figure” was.


Despite the blurred photo, Waring claims that the small figure walking behind one of the horseriding policemen is an extraterrestrial. He said he’s sure that it’s not a squirrel or a rat since squirrels have tails and rats don’t have long legs. The “alien,” he said, doesn’t have a tail and its legs are long.

Several groups and individuals, however, disproved Waring’s assertion for a few reasons.

One of them simply said that the figure wasn’t an alien. Rather, it was a dog walking or running behind the horse, but since the photo was blurred, it didn’t look like one at first glance.

Another person sent the photo to the International UFO Research Community, which in turn said that the figure was but a “weak signal” captured as a result of poor lighting, excessive motion blur, and prolonged exposure time.

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