A photo showing an unidentified source of light flying over Mount Shasta in California is “proof” that aliens exist and live on earth, a self-confessed UFO expert claimed.

According to an entry on the Mutual UFO Network, a “UFO” was spotted making an escape from Mount Shasta in Siskiyou County, California.

A person, who was visiting some family members along with kids, decided to take photos of Mount Shasta’s evening silhouette when suddenly, there appeared a body of bright light on the slope of the mountain.

Surprised and baffled at the sight, this unnamed person called someone to verify if the light was just a “star.” Both of them were unsure, but they found that the “star” had something shaped like a cigar directly beneath it. They were unable to verify what it was.

Interestingly, the person who took the photo said the “’star’ had taken off from the mountain and left a light trail” just a minute after its picture was taken. What’s more, the cigar-shaped object that was beneath it was also gone. The photos were taken April 17 this year and were uploaded to the MUFON soon after.

“Expert” opinion

After examining the photos, self-titled UFO expert Scott C. Waring said the photos show are genuine “proof that aliens still live within the mountain,” the Express reported.

Waring said Mount Shasta has been associated with aliens for a long time. He explained, citing Wikipedia, that the mountain has been hiding secrets beneath its peaks. He also said that as a child, he used to hear stories of the mountain being inhabited by beings, one of which is the “legendary Saint Germain” who founded the “Age of Aquarius.”

“I call it an advanced alien race that is spiritual in nature and mostly keeps to themselves below Mount Shasta,” Waring said.

Expert rebuttal

While many people believe these photos and treat them as “evidence” of aliens living on earth, an expert says these photos could be nothing but a psychological mind trick known as “pareidolia,” Brigitte Nerlich, a professor of science at the University of Nottingham said.

Nerlich, citing the Collins Dictionary, explained Pareidolia as “the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist.” This mind trick, Nerlich said, is a trait that helps infants recognize faces.

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