Two airline pilots traveling over Arizona claim they were passed by unidentified flying objects while flying at over 30,000 feet in the air, March 27, 2018. Above is a representational image. PhotoVision/Pixabay

UFO hunters are always on the lookout for signs and phenomena that might prove the existence of alien life somewhere. Very recently, a UFO hunter claimed to have found photos of a UFO flying over the Argentinian airspace, and this UFO seems to look like how they are often depicted in the movies.

UFO hunter Scott Waring was looking at photos on the internet when he came across an entry in an Argentinian website claiming to have captured a UFO as it was flying above the sky in Salta in Argentina.

Waring said there are actually two photos, both of them showing the UFO in flight. These photos were taken by a couple from Buenos Aires who were on a visit to Salta and also on their way to visit Cachi, another place in Argentina.

According to the Argentinian blog Inexplicata, the couple were riding in a rented car and spending the weekend in Cachi. The couple decided to take photos of the scenic views their roadtrip offered them, taking shots as they drove towards and from their destination.

The couple said they did not see any UFO while they were on the road; they only saw the “UFO” after returning to their hotel. They said they transferred the photos they took using their smartphone to their computer, uploaded some of those photos to the internet andwhil kept some for souvenirs.

They said they only found the “UFO” as they were looking at the photos they took during the day, and not during their road trip. They added that although they cannot say what they saw in the photo, they are sure that something worth looking into is in there.

Their interests piqued, the couple decided to do some research and discovered that other “sightings” have already taken place in the same area where they caught the “UFO” on camera. They also heard stories and testimonies from locals who confirmed that there have been many legends and stories about such things in that place.

Mr. Waring himself said the place in the photo appears to have that “area 51 vibe” where new technologies and aircraft are being tested. The "UFO" itself looks like how it is depicted in shows, complete with a "bump" or a raised top.

Of course, nothing is confirmed about the current report, except that the couple didn’t see a UFO with their own eyes. They only saw it on photo after their trip.

A general view of the atmosphere during the FOX's "The X-Files" UFO sighting and premiere episode screening at The Grove in Los Angeles, Jan. 22, 2016. Tommaso Boddi/WireImage Via Getty