With just two weeks to go until the general election, British politics is heating up -- on Twitter. Teenage fans of Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and Conservative Party leader David Cameron, the incumbent prime minister, were rallying Wednesday around hashtags to show their support, the Huffington Post reported.

The tag #milifandom started the trend earlier this week when a user identified as 17-year-old Abby began posting Photoshopped pictures of the opposition leader, whom she said the British media had been treating unfairly. Miliband heads the Labour Party, one of the two largest of the several parties seeking seats in the House of Commons in the May 7 election. A recent YouGov poll showed that more than half of Britons thought the nation's newspapers had been covering him negatively, according to the Guardian

Abby, who is too young to vote, took action. She started #milifandom, modeled after the online teen throngs that support bands like One Direction. "We just want to change opinions so people don’t just see the media’s usual distorted portrayal of him -- and actually see him for who he is," Abby told BuzzFeed. "Ed is just a great guy, and how many other politicians have a fandom?"

On Wednesday, Miliband tweeted at Abby, thanking her for the #milifandom. Then the #cameronettes popped up.

Charlie Evans, a 21-year-old Exeter University student, told the Telegraph he started the hashtag for Cameron as a joke. "I laughed at how ridiculous the whole thing was,, so decided to mock it slightly by suggesting the alternative hashtag," he said. An account, @Cameronettes, popped up later to keep the tweets going.

Users soon began making fun of Cameron. They accused him of abusing the Twitter movement to reach young voters and compared him to Miliband, who has previously campaigned on lowering the voting age to 16. Dozens of users posted memes and old pictures roasting Cameron for his policies and the #cameronettes.
If tweets counted as votes, Labour would emerge victorious -- Twitter has seen more than 23,000 messages with the hashtag #milifandom in the past day. The #cameronettes had only 4,000. Both hashtags have trended nationally.