Ukrainian service members fire an artillery piece in the Donetsk region


  • The Ukrainian military recorded 1,590 Russian army losses Saturday and Sunday
  • A total of 164,910 Russian military casualties have been reported in the invasion of Ukraine
  • Russian losses also included 3,532 tanks and thousands of other pieces of equipment

Russia suffered 1,590 military casualties and lost 56 armored vehicles, including 26 tanks, in Ukraine over the weekend, data provided by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) showed.

About 710 Russian personnel, 21 tanks and 23 armored fighting vehicles (AFV) were reported lost by the UAF's General Staff Sunday.

The military staff claimed in a casualty report from the previous day that Russia lost 880 personnel, five tanks and seven AFVs.

In total, Russia has lost 164,910 personnel, 3,532 tanks and 6,853 AFVs since it invaded Ukraine last year, according to the latest figures provided by the Ukrainian military.

While Russian forces, including fighters from the Wagner Group paramilitary organization, have obtained footholds in the besieged city of Bakhmut in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk province, they have also been conducting some of the lowest rates of local offensive actions broadly across the front line since at least January 2023, the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense (MoD) said.

"This is most likely because Russian forces have temporarily depleted the deployed formations' combat power to such an extent that even local offensive actions are not currently sustainable," the British ministry explained in a Friday intelligence briefing.

Russia's leaders will likely attempt to regenerate the offensive potential of the force once personnel and munition stocks are replenished, but commanders may be forced to choose between carrying out offensive operations and conducting a credible defense of the front line in the meantime, according to the British MoD.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW), for its part, said it believes that Russia's spring offensive is likely approaching its culmination.

"If 300,000 Russian soldiers have been unable to give Russia a decisive offensive edge in Ukraine it is highly unlikely that the commitment of additional forces in future mobilization waves will produce a dramatically different outcome this year," the American think tank wrote in a war assessment released Sunday.

In contrast, Ukraine could be well positioned to regain the initiative and launch counteroffensives in critical sectors of the current front line, according to the ISW.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's Sunday visit to the occupied city of Mariupol, which is also located in Donetsk, was supposedly likely aimed to allay fears in Russia's nationalist space of a potential Ukrainian counteroffensive in southern Ukraine.

Ukrainian service members load a shell to a mortar before firing towards Russian troops outside the frontline town of Bakhmut