• The kangaroos were safely rescued from Feldman Ecopark
  • The park has been attacked several times since the Russian invasion
  • A number of animals at the park have lost their lives in the crossfire

A Ukrainian man made a daring move to save a group of kangaroos from a zoo in Kharkiv that was caught in the crossfire amid the Russian invasion.

The well-known zoo, Feldman Ecopark, shared a video Saturday showing at least nine kangaroos being driven to safety in the back of a vehicle.

“Today is a month since the beginning of the war, and we're continuing the evacuation of the animals,” the driver was quoted as saying in the video that was also shared by others on social media.

The zoo has been shelled multiple times since Russian troops forced their way into the country. Several animals, including deer, goats, orangutans, large cats, primates, birds and other animals, were killed in the attacks, according to Insider. Volunteers who arrived at the zoo to feed the animals were also shot by Russian soldiers earlier this month.

On Sunday, the park shared news about a mandrill named Stepan joining a growing list of animals that have been killed in the attacks. Stepan was “a favorite of Kharkiv residents,” the zoo said on social media.

Rescue operations at the zoo continue to shift animals to safer locations, Feldman Ecopark said as they shared the video of the kangaroos’ rescue on Facebook.

“These kangaroos were taken out the day before yesterday, that is, now they are already safe,” the zoo wrote. “This is very nice, because their enclosures, unfortunately, were repeatedly shelled. We believe that now they will be fine! Many thanks to volunteers and employees who take risks to save animals, as well as to our many friends - caring people, businesses and NGO's who help us financially and make our rescue operations possible. Your support truly saves lives!”

Social media users praised the brave Ukrainian for risking his life to transport the marsupials.

“I adore you for not abandoning animals. Thank you!” Lara Chaika commented on the video, according to

“You are a hero,” declared Vee Colditz-Asher while Elena Ruchko wrote: “You are so wonderful! I am delighted with the people who help the zoo!”

Feldman Ecopark also shared a link where donations can be sent to “save people and animals from war and humanitarian catastrophe.”

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / 3534679