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WWE fans are wondering if the Undertaker remains affiliated with the promotion. The Undertaker, of The Brothers of Destruction, makes his way to the ring during a tag team match as part of as part of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crown Jewel pay-per-view at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh on November 2, 2018. (Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP) (Photo credit should read FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images) Getty Images/FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP

Wrestlemania 35 is happening this April, but many remain clueless about why the Undertaker will not be competing. The Dead Man remains an iconic feature in the annual WWE spectacle, making the upcoming Wrestlemania a bit incomplete.

As reported in a previous post, it was suggested that the Undertaker is simply taking some time off. Already 53 years old, it made sense for the Dead Man to take some time off to give his body ample time to rest. His last appearance was at WWE Crown Jewel held in Saudi Arabia, where he teamed up with Kane as both went up against Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Now, some onlookers have noticed something odd on the Undertaker's social media profiles. According to Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co, the man also known as Mark William Calaway in real life has removed all mention of the WWE on his accounts.

With the recent iterations to the Undertaker's social media profiles, the wrestling world is now speculating why this has happened. According to the Bleacher Report, there could be a contract dispute between the Phenom and the WWE, which now looms as a potential reason why he will not be at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on April 7 for Wrestlemania 35.

And while that is in the air, a most recent update from PW Mania further thickens the plot. It seems that someone tried to book the Undertaker to make a public appearance, but it will cost a fortune. For an hour of signing, the Dead Man is reportedly charging $25,000, roughly $416.66 a minute.

Furthermore, the Undertaker is reportedly not taking regular bookings until the summer. He is also unlikely to be at the next Saudi Arabia WWE event set for May.

These developments have raised several questions on what lies ahead for the Undertaker. If he is now focused on autograph signing, it could be an indication that he is done with wrestling for good.

The WWE has not made any formal announcement tied up to the Undertaker's status. The social media profile changes may be nothing, but the subsequent news, as well as his absence at Wrestlemania 35, continues to raise questions about what truly lies ahead for the WWE icon.