Dean Ambrose, whose real name is Jonathan David Good, made headlines recently after it was revealed that he would be exiting the WWE scene after Wrestlemania 35. The rumored reason for his impending departure is due to a contract dispute, but some outlets have come up with their own conclusions about the sudden fallout. 

As previously reported, Ambrose informed WWE management of his decision to leave the company in April. He met with chairman Vince McMahon and informed him of his decision to leave despite a new deal on the table with better numbers.

But it seems that the reason behind the Lunatic Fringe's exit from the WWE goes beyond numbers. According to PW Torch, the WWE may have wanted to take control of the situation rather than let the rumors and speculations get out of hand.

Petty as it may sound, the whole Ambrose exit issue is now turning into a business-related issue. Some may agree while others may not. But looking at past stars who have come and go in the WWE, it hardly comes as a surprise. Better yet, some eventually return bigger and better than their first persona. Could this be the case for Ambrose?

It all depends on how one looks at Ambrose. He is one of the crowd darlings and undoubtedly someone who has been in the upper card for over five years now. But is his exit really a big deal for the WWE? Former general manager Eric Bischoff believes that it hardly matters, Wrestling World reported.

“No disrespect at all to Dean Ambrose…I don’t think it matters at all. That’s not because of Dean’s abilities or lack thereof. But in WWE right now WWE is the star. Everybody else on that roster is a co-star, to one degree or another. Stars are now interchangeable," Bischoff said on whether Ambrose's exit would affect the WWE as a whole. 

It remains to be seen where Ambrose will end up after April. He could end up joining New Japan Pro-Wrestling or even All Elite Wrestling and carry on from there. In a way, it could be good for Ambrose to rebuild his stock and add more flair to his character. And once he does, expect the WWE to take notice and likely try to negotiate a deal once more.