A 19-year-old boy, who allegedly ran down and killed 20 kangaroos with his Ute on the New South Wales south coast on Sept. 28, Saturday, will appear in Bega local court on Nov. 26. He has been accused of torturing, beating and causing the death of an animal.

The boy was granted conditional bail at the time of the accusation.

Police were called to Dress Circle and Headland Drive on Tura Beach, North of Eden, Sunday when the sight of multiple kangaroos lying dead on the road in front of the residents’ homes shocked them, The Guardian reported.

New South Wales police department revealed while speaking to CNN that the kangaroos, including baby joeys, were slaughtered late Saturday between 10.30 p.m-11.30 p.m.

Janine Green, a volunteer with the wildlife rescue group WIRES that has three surviving joeys in their care, told CNN that she has never witnessed kangaroo carnage of this order in her entire career with the organization spanning 20 years.

"Residents on the streets were just stunned, because they woke up on Sunday morning to find dead (kangaroo) bodies strewn all over their lawns," Green emphasized. "The kangaroos are part of their community; they've lived there forever. They're all used to the kangaroos hopping up and down the street; the same people slow down for them. For someone to do a mass slaughter like that is just unbelievable," she also added.

Police have asked eyewitnesses to volunteer and share information that they may have. This will help them contact the local detectives to launch a joint in-depth investigation they said.

“About 10.15am yesterday (Sunday 29 September 2019), police were called to Dress Circle and Headland Drive, Tura Beach after reports of dead kangaroos on the road. Police believe that up to 20 kangaroos may have been run over by a vehicle between 10.30pm and 11.30pm on Saturday (28 September 2019),” the authorities said in a news release.

Two of the kangaroo joeys orphaned in the incident
Two of the kangaroo joeys orphaned in the incident WIRES-NSW Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service Inc / Handout