Former Georgian minister said a United States lab conducted experiments on its citizen in 2015 and 2016. Pictured, doctors and medics performing a surgery in an operating room. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Igor Giorgadze, a Georgian politician and the former Minister of State Security, has alleged the U.S. Military conducted secret lab experiments on Georgian citizens, leading to many deaths.

Speaking at a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday, Giorgadze alleged he has seen the documents related to the experiments conducted on human test subjects as well as their deadly results, but nobody has taken action against it, Russian news agency TASS reported.

“Even the first glance at a portion of documents — and my friends in Georgia have shipped hundreds and thousands of pages of documents to me — shows the biologists from the US army medicine group in Georgia and private contractors might have really conducted secret experiments over Georgian citizens at the Richard Lugar laboratory,” Giorgadze said at the conference.

According to the minister, the experiments on human tests subjects were conducted in the backdrop of Georgia’s battle against hepatitis C. He even cited figures to back the claim, noting that 30 deaths occurring at the lab — officially named Richard Lugar Center for Public Health Research — were attributed to the disease in December 2015.

More surprisingly, as many as 24 of these deaths occurred on the exact same date. Though this sounds strange, the politician stressed even more on the case of deaths occurring next year, where 30 people died in April, followed by 13 more in August — all without any specific cause of demise.

"The highly bewildering thing is the word ‘undetermined’ in the box on the cause of death,” Giorgadze said of the deaths. “There were no investigations as regards the causes of those individuals’ deaths."

As the lab, which has been running since 2011, used case numbers for its subjects, Giorgadze didn’t have any idea of who these patients were or where they lived.

"What we have is the data on the dates of their births, their gender and the dates of their passing away,” the politician added. “But still there’s an opportunity to identify their names if someone wishes to."

For this, Giorgadze requested President Donald Trump to look into the legality of the experiments — conducted under his predecessor’s administration — and get to the bottom of this case.

Noting that he is not an expert in the field, the politician said the people of Georgia would be highly grateful to President Trump if his investigation could eliminate any kind of threat from “uncontrolled, experimental dual-purpose activity in the fields of biology and bacteriology.” Apart from that, Giorgadze also called experts in the field of biology to review the experiment documents and draw their independent conclusions.