Voters in two tiny hamlets, Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location in New Hampshire, became the first citizens to cast their votes in the 2012 presidential elections Tuesday. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied with five votes each in Dixville Notch while Obama won 23 of the 33 votes cast in Hart’s Location.

Voting began at midnight in Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location and Tanner Tillotson, 24, was the first to cast the vote.

“It’s a little exhilarating, a little intimidating. It’s actually the second time I have had the honor of being the first of the nation. I love the Dixville Notch tradition; I think it’s a microcosm… I really hope it’s an inspiration for people to see the small town voting process. I hope it shows people the importance of getting out there and making your say heard,” said Tillotson, according to a Euro News report.

A tie in Dixville Notch was the first in its history.

"I think (the result) is very indicative, that this is the first time in Dixville Notch's history that there is a tie. We're still a very divided nation and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the country is," said Tillotson, according to the Associated Press.

Hart’s Location had the first-in-the-nation vote status since 1948 and 15 years later, Dixville Notch started the midnight voting tradition.