North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said that he is prepared for “dialogue and confrontation,” which National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Sunday called an “interesting signal.”

"[Kim's] comments this week we regard as an interesting signal and we will wait to see whether they are followed up with any kind of more direct communication to us about a potential path forward," Sullivan told ABC News' "This Week."

"The clear signal they could send is to say 'yes, let's do it. Let's sit down and begin negotiations.'"

Denuclearization discussions have stalled due to the U.S. refusal to not lift economic sanctions until North Korea abandons its nuclear program.

Relations with North Korea have been also turbulent due to conflicting meetings and public statements between President Donald Trump and Kim. In June 2019, Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to cross the 1953 armistice line. He met with Kim twice during his four-year term though no deal was able to be reached.

Sullivan said “time will tell” whether another round of multilateral negotiations is possible.

Kim issued his comment Friday on state-run media. He said they were to "protect the dignity of our state.” 

Kim has mostly remained mum since Biden took office in January. His comments come days after President Joe Biden met with G7 leaders and attended a NATO summit. 

Kim has accused adversaries the U.S. and South Korea of making hostile comments about policy towards North Korea.

In May, Sullivan told ABC News that the U.S. policy on North Korea "is not aimed at hostility, it's aimed at solutions. It's aimed at ultimately achieving the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."