Vampire Diaries fans have been caught in a love triangle for three seasons, and it seems like tonight's season finale will finally clear up who Elena truly loves.

Viewers were captivated by Stefan and Elena's relationship in season one, but it wasn't really until season two that Damon became a serious contender for Elena's heart. Numerous times the brothers have risked their lives (and taken the lives of others) to protect their beloved doppelganger. Now it seems that Elena will be doing the protecting when she breaks one of the brothers hearts tonight.

This past season fans were torn right alongside Elena. From her kiss with Damon right at the beginning of the season, to their steamy make-out session at the motel a couple weeks ago, it seems like Elena may be leaning towards the eldest brother. While the chemistry between the two is undeniable (it doesn't hurt that the pair are off-screen lovers as well), fans can't just look over Elena's history with Stefan. So who does Elena choose?

Nina Dobrev talked with about Elena's difficult decision she will make during Thursdays season three finale. According to the blog, Elena will realize that there's one Salvatore she just can't live without.

As mentioned last episode, the Salvatore brother that Elena doesn't choose will leave Mystic Falls, but Dobrev teases that the guy who hits the road isn't out of the running.

When Elena does make the decision, she's alone. She's not with either brother, Dobrev spills about her character. She's taken away from that element of temptation, and away from the pressure, and she's not forced to make an impulsive decision because they're both standing in front of her.

Besides the Salvatore brothers influencing her decision, she also has to worry about her friend's (obvious) preference. It seems like Elena is finally going to focus on what's best for her though, not what's best for everyone, or what would make them happy.

To find out who Elena picks during the season finale tune into the CW on Thursday, May 10 at 8 p.m. EST.

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