"The Vampire Diaries" Season 3
"The Vampire Diaries" will see some blood shed at the end of season 3. CW

Thursday, May 10 the Vampire Diaries will air its season three finale, and judging from a 40 second clip released, it won't fall short on the drama.

I'm not even half-way out of Virginia and Elena sells our soul to the originals, Damon vents to Bonnie in the clip. The video shows the pair walking down a corridor, the same mysterious corridor that can be seen in the preview trailer for the finale.

It's her call, Bonnie counters.

You know what else is her call? Everything bad ever, replies Damon, who has a serious point. Just last week viewers witnessed Elena running off to the Mystic Falls high school to rescue Caroline, where she proceeded to almost cut her throat and get kidnapped by Klaus.

It turns out that the two are in a storage warehouse, where Damon and Stefan decided to hide Klaus' body.

I was going to use unit 666, Damon hilariously tells Bonnie. But I figured that would be a little obvious. So, 1020, he says arriving at the unit.

Mini fridge, a couple bird cages, box full of Playboys, he tells her as he opens up the door (without unlocking it...you think you would want to lock Klaus' coffin inside). One beef-jerkified original.

It's unclear what Damon and Bonnie have planned for Klaus. Last week, the plan had been for Damon and Stefan to dispose of the body in the Atlantic. After Elena collapsed at the end of the episode, viewers figured that the Salvatore brothers would return back to their beloved Elena without completing their mission of disposing of Klaus.

While Klaus might not be a problem anymore, the Mystic Falls gang still has to deal with crazed vampire Alaric and Klaus' original vampire siblings. Klaus and company haven't been on the best of terms since he decided to cart his family in coffins for years. By the looks of a clip of Rebekah standing on the Wickery Bridge though, it looks like some family members might want revenge or the body.

The Vampire Diaries season three finale airs Thursday, May 10 at 8 p.m.

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