Leading into the busy holiday shopping season, all Amazon customers will be soon be able to use the mobile payment service Venmo to make purchases, Venmo's parent company, PayPal, announced on Tuesday.

The goal of the collaboration is to offer "nearly 90 million active Venmo customers in the U.S. a new way to check out easily and quickly for their Amazon purchases," the press release stated.

According to PayPal, Venmo users shop over two times more than the average shopper and are 19% more likely to repeat purchases making the collaboration a "perfect fit" for repeat Venmo and Amazon users.

Venmo and Amazon users can combine their accounts by going to checkout on Amazon and entering in their Venmo log in information where it will then prompt them to "Select a payment method" and "Add a Venmo account."

Amazon is following in the footsteps of other retailers, such as Shopify and Lululemon, who have added Venmo as a payment method to their online shops.

Venmo has a reputation for being easy to use, which helped lure consumers looking for a quick payment method. As noted by TechCrunch, Venmo also stood out for its ability to offer "social payments," which track payments between users on a social media feed.

The new payment option will be available to a select amount of Amazon customers starting on Tuesday, according to PayPal. Venmo will be available to all U.S. customers by Black Friday.