After laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to mark the Veterans Day Sunday, President Barack Obama pledged support to the veterans and said their needs would be met.

Speaking at the ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, Obama said that the support to the service members who returned to the civilian life would continue.

"After a decade of war, our heroes are coming home," he said. "Over the next few years more than a million service members will transition back to civilian life.”

"This is the first Veterans Day in a decade in which there are no American troops fighting and dying in Iraq. Thirty-three thousand of our troops have now returned from Afghanistan, and the transition there is underway," the president said, highlighting the complete withdrawal of forces from Iraq, according to Reuters.

Expressing gratitude to the thousands of soldiers and their families who made the country proud, he emphasized on attending to the needs of the veterans coming back home from the war zones.

He reaffirmed his commitment towards maintaining the post-9/11 GI Bill program and footing the medical expenses of the veterans suffering from war-related health problems.

“If you find yourself struggling with the wounds of war – such as post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injuries – we’ll be there as well, with the care and treatment you need,” Obama said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“No veteran should have to wait months or years for the benefits that you’ve earned, so we will continue to attack the claims backlog,” he added.

The president also lauded the efforts of first lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, who through the Joining Forces campaign are encouraging business houses to hire veterans.

"No one who fights for this country overseas should ever have to fight for a job, or a roof over their head, or the care that they have earned when they come home," he said.

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