Drake skipped the BET Awards this year. Reuters

He started from the bottom, but didn’t get all the way up.

Hoping to celebrate with the Miami Heat after the club captured its second consecutive championship, Young Money rap superstar Drake was denied access to the locker room late Thursday night.

It is typically a wild scene with champagne popped by players, coaches, and team officials, and the media typically gain access to capture the celebration. A security guard can be seen in the video below, taken by ESPN 106.3 FM, telling the 26-year-old multi-platinum artist and his crew that he won’t get to celebrate with buddy LeBron James.

Drake along with a slew of rap’s biggest names teamed up for a track dubbed “Forever” back in 2009 that was the signature song for a documentary called “More Than A Game,” which chronicled James and his high school team in their pursuit of a title.

Drake has routinely shown up to some of the NBA’s biggest events, including All-Star weekend, but one security guard did not let him pass.

This isn’t the first time a member of Young Money has had an issue with the Heat. Back in February, Lil Wayne alleged that he was kicked out of American Airlines Arena for rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Born Dwayne Carter Jr., Lil Wayne would later perform at a show in Houston, where he described the scene to fans, and alleged that he slept with Miami forward Chris Bosh’s wife.

Both sides have downplayed any feud, but Wayne was spotted partying with the Chicago Bulls after they took Game One from the Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals last month.

In his alleged fight with R&B singer Chris Brown, Drake also has a few issues on the San Antonio Spurs side. Point guard Tony Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against a club where Drake, Brown and both of their entourages duked it out last year. Parker was allegedly injured during the fight.

There is some course language in the video, which can be watched at the viewer's discretion.